Carbon Fiber - It just might save the world.

Posted by Chase Ellestad on

Why do we use Carbon Fiber for Tribe Wallets? 


Carbon Fiber is 5x Stronger than Steel and 2/3 Lighter. 

Engineers LOVE carbon fiber.

It has proven applications that enhance design.

From super cars and aerospace to artificial limbs and robotics... carbon fiber is here to stay. 

Carbon fiber is made from thin strands of carbon, woven (like cloth) into a sheet. Layered, moulded, and finally coated to harden like metal.

The flex in the carbon fiber works very well for the wallet. Instead of an unforgiving hunk of metal -- it has the right amount of flex to actually feel comfortable in your pocket.

It's lighter than your cards but stronger than your car. 



Most cars today are made from steel parts. If manufacturers replaced those parts with carbon fiber ones, we could reduce the average weight of a car by SIXTY PERCENT. Why is this a big deal? Because cars would consume 30% LESS fuel and cut overall green house gas emissions by 10-20%. So how come every car is not made from carbon fiber? IT'S EXPENSIVE. At around $10 a pound vs $1 pound (for steel) the market price of carbon fiber has made it a "luxury" material for people with deep pockets.  But we think that carbon fiber doesn't have to be restricted to luxury car owners or fighter pilots. 


Carbon Fiber looks really cool. 

James Bond.  An Urban Ninja Assassin.  Space ship pilots from the year 2300.  What do these people all have in common? OBVIOUSLY They would ALL have carbon fiber wallets. It's so badass and incredibly light that you'll never even notice it in your pocket. This means you can bring your Tribe wallet with you to fight crime,  save damsels (or dons) from bad guys, or when you're just go out for a morning jog. Furthermore, the 24K Gold and Steel ornamentation make it all the more versatile -- Are you wearing a tuxedo? Jumping into the drivers seat of a Bugatti? Hitting the slopes with good friends? Whatever it is and wherever your are, your carbon fiber Tribe Wallet will fit the occasion. 


Simple, Sophisticated and Stylish: Just like You.

We're not bragging when we say with the fullest of confidence that we have created the sexiest, minimalist and most functional wallet on the market.  It took two years, 100s of interviews and almost 50 prototypes to get us where we are: happy enough with our product to share it with the world and you.  It's our passion to create and innovate, and that is what we have done. We have established fantastic working relationships to bring you aerospace-grade carbon fiber plates between two beautiful money bars (silver or 24k gold).  Rethink your every day wallet.  Refine your style and Join the Tribe. 

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