Wondering how it works? Watch this video:

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How to use the Tribe Wallet.

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Step-up your wallet game!

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Check out these shots of our new texalium wallet!

The contrast between the texalium and stainless steel looks awesome. 

Just push it up... 

and pinch the bottom to fan your cards out! 

Stay tuned... we will have them in stock very soon! 


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Carbon Fiber - It just might save the world.

Why do we use Carbon Fiber for Tribe Wallets? 


Carbon Fiber is 5x Stronger than Steel and 2/3 Lighter. 

Engineers LOVE carbon fiber.

It has proven applications that enhance design.

From super cars and aerospace to artificial limbs and robotics... carbon fiber is here to stay. 

Carbon fiber is made from thin strands of carbon, woven (like cloth) into a sheet. Layered, moulded, and finally coated to harden like metal.

The flex in the carbon fiber works very well for the wallet. Instead of an unforgiving hunk of metal -- it has the right amount of flex to actually feel comfortable in your pocket.

It's lighter than your cards but stronger than your car. 

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